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I want to make something beautiful and pure!

That is the story of my original screenplay, The Red Umbrella. In a few weeks we will use source funding to make this film possible with loads of great gifts.

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Writer, Director

Frank G. Caruso

Cast within a dramatic backdrop of the Lawrence School for Wayward Girls,”The Red Umbrella” is a gripping, heart-rending love story wrapped around a sinister mystery. Woven into the center of this drama are five teenage girls, each of whom have suffered a brutality in their respective homes that is unthinkable, creating little promise for a hopeful future. When wounds couldn’t be deeper, they are faced with a brutal, sociopathic warden who sees them as hereditarily deviant children not worth their own heartbeat. When the arrival of a young, irrepressible social worker disrupts the warden’s monarchy, when a girl that has been mute begins to speak, when a grieving newspaper reporter starts asking questions, the darkest of secrets collide, hitting a deep emotional chord from the girls’ haunted pasts. In the final shattering moments, a revelation of truth and discovery will astonish everyone. It’s a powerful story of tragedy and triumph; a radiant testimonial to those that have been cut deep, yet live in the breath of hope.

“The Red Umbrella”

  Script has been chosen as a Semi-Finalist in the 16th Annual Writer’s Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition and a Quarter-Finalists in The 14th Annual Fade In Awards.