Screenwriter-Director Frank G. Caruso




  I need to create life-affirming stories that are inspiring and uplifting. 

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“This Is My Sister.” Wrote, produced, directed. Oversaw and managed production budget. Marketed film on- line, that led to airing on Director’s Cut on Public Television, 2012. The film was showcased in film festivals and is used as an educational tool at colleges for teachers and students working with individuals that have intellectual disabilities. 

“Going Great White”, a mockumentary that looks at the oversized dreams and harsh realities of pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing businesses. Wrote, produced, directed, acted and edited. Cast all talent, managed film crew and budget. Coordinated complex production schedule of over 125 people and locations. Aired on Director’s Cut on Public Television 2007.

“Lake Jimmy”, a heartwarming comedy of two former foster brothers finding themselves coming apart, even as they come together. Co-wrote, produced, and acted. Cast all talent, managed film crew and budget. Coordinated production schedule and locations.

2010 My original screenplay, “The Red Umbrella” was awarded Semi-Finalist in the 16th Annual Writer's Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition & Quarter-Finalist in the 14th Annual Fade-In Magazine's Awards. In 2013 the film trailer for “The Red Umbrella” became Sony's number one video. It was also used in a national print ad campaign for Sony VideoON in retail stores.

I'm interested in finding new, innovative ways of exploring the frontiers between species, class, and dissimilar states of humanhood. My work is regularly described as piercing, hilarious, heartwarming and moving. I can otherwise be found writing away in some obscure coffee shop and reminiscing with strangers.

Email:  or Call: 608-235-2465