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 This is My Sister - By Jason S. Lockard.  From Rouge Cinema

In the 1950s the stark reality of special needs children was life in an institution, such would have been the fate of Mary, if not for her mother that said; after seeing the institutions, "not our Mary!" So as Bernard Siegel once said, "No Matter what the statistics say, there is always a way." The family determined within themselves to take care of Mary and make her life as happy as they could possibly make it.

Filmmaker Frank Caruso in his film "This Is My Sister", takes us on a journey of parents who were not willing to just put their child away. Two sisters who love their special sister with undying love and a very special lady named Mary Fisher who even though she had down syndrome lives a full and productive life.

This film will have you running the gambit of emotions you'll find yourself crying one minute and singing along with Mary the next. This is an incredible story of love, sacrifice and devotion. As Frank Caruso himself said, “Without love, you have no home.” And Mary has a loving home.

This is a film everyone should see. So I highly recommend you head over to and watch the trailer of this impactful film. It very well may change the way you see special needs children forever.

Moral Rating: Parental Guidance
Genre: Documentary
Length: 61 minutes
Released: 2012
Our Rating: A

This Is My Sister from frankgcaruso

“This Is My Sister” is a journey of Love, Strength and Commitment, all taught by example, by Earl & Marion Fischer to their three daughters.

In 1957, when nearly all babies born with developmental disabilities were institutionalized, Earl & Marion said, “No, not Mary,” even as the doctors said Mary would not even know their name or may even harm their family.
The sisters take Earl & Marion’s example of what unconditional love is, redefining it evermore.

“This Is My Sister” is a rare, life-affirming journey from those who have been in the shadows, doing the hard work of everyday living. They are the eternal flame of dignity and grace. They ask for nothing and give everything without pause.

 Frank G. Caruso  





This Is My Sister screened at the Carmel Art & Film Festival.

 “If you know a sister, have a sister, or are a sister, this film is a must"
                                     - Stella McGlinchy - Carmel California             



What People Are Saying

"A touching and sensitive film" Sagan Lewis - Sedona Film Festival

 "Wonderful" - Jackie"

"This story is so relatable to me, amazing"
- Washington

"Beautiful" - Sarah

"Keeps tugging at me" - Susan

"So refreshing" - Karen

"At last a film that tells us what is right in this world" - Marty

"This is so "Awesome" - Stella

"Love can change everything" - Kandee

"Wow what an incredible massage" - Janet