Footboard Films


HD Digital Capture & Post Production

Footboard Films is a boutique HD imagery company with expertise in integrating video and photography.

Footboard works with you to create video stories, enhanced by multimedia content to speak to your viewers. Whether it’s online, offline, business to business, at home or globally, your needs are our passion.


A compelling video story makes an instant, emotional connection. Save time and resources -- deliver your message with one click. Send the story to anyone you need to reach, from donors, to clients, to customers.


Create a ripple effect with technology that helps you instantly share your message, locally and globally. And boost your cross-over appeal -- great video makes it easy for traditional news organizations to feature your story. Having a video of your business is mission critical. It maximizes your sales and expands your shingle to a wider group of potential customers. People pay attention to videos. People share them with colleagues. The paradigm shift is on; a video can help you distinguish yourself from the crowd and make a lasting impression.

Services including HD digital Video capture, Still photography and editing.


Stanley Pictures

Is a independent film company that produces features and documentaries.

From scripting, casting, producing, directing and shooting to editing and motion graphics. We create innovative Films. "Because stories matter." 

Compelling Imagery

We can also supplement our efforts with still photography for our clients. View Gallery