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"This Is My Sister" is proud to be a part of this year's BIFF.

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"This Is My Sister" screening


A very special thank you to BIFF, for making the "This Is My Sister" screening a success!

Director's Cut discusses the film, "This Is My Sister" with Frank G. Caruso

This week's edition of Director's Cut Radio features the 2012 documentary about life with Down syndrome called "This is My Sister". Terry Bell talks with Oregon-based filmmaker Frank G. Caruso.

The National Down Syndrome Society just published an article I wrote about my film "This Is My Sister" as part of their "My Great Stories" series.

Director's Cut All-New Season Premieres

A Powerful and moving documentary by Frank G. Caruso

Premieres May 25, 2012 at 9:00 pm on your local Wisconsin public television station.


This Is My Sister.

This Is My Sister-Coming to public televsion 2012

Sony videON BackStory takes you behind-the-scenes of Frank G. Caruso's The Red Umbrella “Pitching a Screenplay"

This Is My Sister screened in The Carmel Art & Film Festival.

This Is My Sister documentary is now complete.

Sony announces that "The Red Umbrella" trailer continues to grow as one of the most popular videos by professionals for professionals.

“The Red Umbrella” script has moved up to semi-finalist in the Writer’s Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition.

"The Red Umbrella" script has been chosen as a Quarter-Finalists in The 14th Annual  Fade In Awards.

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